New Man of Steel trailer

By P Blood

Man of Steel is just about here! Now let’s be honest, DC Comics haven’t had the best of luck translating their cheesy – but much loved – characters into celluloid form. The last Superman attempt was a dismal embarrassment and career death knell for Brandon Routh. Frankly I’m surprised Routh hasn’t been turned up dead in a gutter after a horse ran over his drug addled, homeless ass.

Fans and movie goers have more often left the cinema somewhat underwhelmed when it came to DC adaptations… lest we forget the Bat-suit with nipples. The producers and the people who green light these things obviously realised this, and learned lessons from the two majorly successful DC Comic adaptations, The Watchman and the latest Batman trilogy, hiring the brains behind both projects, Zach Snyder and Chris Nolan, slapping these two together and letting them tackle the most beleaguered flagship franchise, Superman.

What with the comic book film saturation of the last few years, and Marvel taking all the glory with their slew of success, they have enlisted some actual talent to bring the story of Superman to life – the likes of Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Amy Adams, a cast of real actors with awards and everything! From the trailer, Man of Steel looks to be the darker, grittier telling of Superman’s origins. Are we in for a trio of Man of Steel films that set the bar so impossibly high for any further film attempts?

Without any further ado, behold! Man. Of. Steel!!!


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