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The Weekly Geek (10 – 14 June)

By Wash

Guys, this week has been CRAZY. Okay, so we all know that E3 has been on the go and there’s been so much flippin gaming news coming out that we can’t keep our pants clean for more than six seconds, but Hollywoodland has also managed to leak all sorts of fantastic yumminess for us to freak out about.

Where to begin?

The Desolation of Smaug!!!!!

The world has been patiently awaiting the release of some form of poster or trailer for the next instalment in Peter Jackson’s retelling of The Hobbit.

This week we not only got a poster:


But we also got a FUCKINGAWESOME trailer:


The Wolverine

Every time there’s a new trailer for The Wolverine released, it seems that we’re increasingly likely to actually get a good movie form a franchise that, well, let’s just say hasn’t managed to make any friends in the world of comic book fans.

The previous Wolverine movie was shit, let’s just get that out of the way. But I think Marvel has learned from its mistake and it looks like we’re getting a concerted effort with the new movie, due out later this year.

Have a look:


Pacific Rim and… ummm… Qualcomm?

We’ve already seen that Nokia has teamed up with Warner Brothers to bring us Man of Steel, but it looks like the latest tech company/movie team-up is just… weird.

So everyone knows who Qualcomm is right? HAHAHA. Thought so.

Well, Qualcomm makes the processors that many of you have in your cellphones and one processor in particular, the Snapdragon, is their newest and most powerful chip.

Bored yet? Well, they’re trying desperately to gain consumer recognition by making a bunch of consumer-focused ads demonstrating just how… umm… awesome their Snapdragon processors are.

Here’s an example:

Riiiight. Like anyone cares what processors their phone has?

Anyway, Qualcomm’s pulling a Nokia and teaming up with a movie studio. The movie? Pacific Rim. Here’s the exclusive trailer they released this week:


300: Rise of an Empire

In case you didn’t know, a sequel to 300 is on its way. I knew this was coming, but I didn’t realise that it was THIS close to being finished, seeing as though it’s only due in theatres in March 2014.

(I know there’s an acute lack of E3 news in this piece. Look out for my round up of what matters in a separate post).


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