Jonah from Tonga: He’s back

By Huntress Thompson

Puck you, miss.

Hot on the heels of spin-off Ja’mie Private School Girl, comes the news that creator Chris Lilley is reviving another classic Summer Heights High alum.

Lilley’s portrayal of Jonah Takalua has been given a new full-length series in 2014, which will pick up Jonah’s story from where it left off at the end of Summer Heights High – with him being expelled from school and sent to live in Tonga.


While fans were previously offered a smorgasbord of characters crammed into half-hour episodes in We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High, full episodes devoted to one character’s storyline in Ja’mie Private School Girl have ranged from hugely promising to somewhat self-indulgent.

Regardless, Jonah from Tonga is already in pre-production, after the overwhelming audience response to Lilley’s 2013 return venture.



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