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Five new channels you need to check out ASAP

By Samantha Stainsburry (Guest Vandal)

Back in the day, people only had a few broadcast TV channels to choose from and therefore only a few different shows to watch at any one time. With the advent of cable and satellite TV, however, the choice of stations to watch has quickly mushroomed. These days, even niche channels that feature very specific content have a decent shot at reaching their audience and being successful. You may be aware of some of these stations, but you probably haven’t heard about others. Here are five amazing new channels that you need to check out ASAP if you are looking for a unique alternative to the programming that you already know and enjoy.

Pivot’s new offering is aimed at socially conscious and “green” millennials who are tired of traditional broadcasting. The channel offers programming that is designed to be disruptive in nature, focusing on social advocacy issues that affect our world today. Shows like Will and Little Mosque on the Prairie offer viewers an experience unlike any other. For socially and environmentally conscious viewers, this is a great channel to check out.


Fox Sports One

foxsportsIf you are looking for a channel that is more mainstream, but has still carved out a niche to differentiate itself from a large competitor, this may be the channel for you. With a wide variety of live sports programming from all of the popular sports leagues, this channel may initially seem to be a knock-off of ESPN. Where the channel sets itself apart though is through a number of live studio shows that combine athletes and entertainers to bring the two worlds together seamlessly. Shows are fast paced and lighthearted.



RvoltWith the backing of rap mogul Sean Puffy Combs, it is no wonder that this channel is able to effortlessly draw the young urban crowd. The channel primarily plays music videos, but is looking to expand with some series as well. Feature films and documentaries are also planned for the future. Having only launched in October 2013, you can get in on the ground floor of this station now before it takes off big time.


Fusion4Aimed at the American Hispanic market, this station is a partnership between Disney-ABC and Univision, which hopes to reach out to the young Hispanic audience through specific news and entertainment. Like CNN and FoxNews, Fusion is banking on around-the-clock coverage of major events to keep their audience engaged. Also launched in October 2013, this is another station that could see a big rise in the future.


SMitsonianLearn about natural disasters, catastrophes, wars, and more with historical facts and interesting tidbits from the experts at the world famous Smithsonian Museum. Set to appeal to a similar audience as many of the Discovery stations, it will be interesting to see how the two might affect each other. If you’re interested in educational programming, this is definitely one to check out.

Whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find something that will appeal to you with all the new stations cropping up. Check out these five great new stations and then let all your friends know about the new and interesting programming you’ve discovered.


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