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Five made-for-TV technologies we wish were real

By Annette Hazard (Guest Vandal)

TV and sci-fi go together like a horse and carriage. Science fiction is all about cool technology that doesn’t exist (… yet), and television has a way of bringing toys from the future to life,  making us really wish they were real. Until the brainiacs at Mechanical Engineering Chicago (or wherever else the modern-day Menlo Park happens to be) decide to “make it so,” here’s our wish list of made-for-TV technologies we wish were real:

Knight Rider

You know a car is rad when an entire show is named after it. Two shows, actually. In 1982’s original lone ranger with a car the titular ride was an indestructible Pontiac Trans-Am with a super-smart AI brain, and in the 2008 sequel series it was a Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang with nanotechnology that allowed it to change shape and colour, in addition to all the original Knight Rider powers. In the words of Prince Mongo, “we’ll take three”.


Sonic screwdriver

There’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all solution to your everyday problems, and Doctor Who has it. In the original show it could unlock any door, and in the new version it also works as an arc welder, alien un-disguiser, instant forensics lab, and remote control for the dude’s time-traveling police box. Yes please!


Acoustic archeology

Speaking of forensics, there’s no sci-fi show like CSI. According to a forensic scientist named Thomas Mauriello, 40% of the ‘scientific’ techniques they use on the show don’t actually exist. One of the coolest? A device that Gil Grissom uses in the episode Committed that can play back sounds from the past that are stored in pottery. Way cool.


Transportation tubes

Futurama has a lot of sweet technology, but one of the most useful would be their transportation tubes. Subways suck, but they suck even more when you realise that in the future they’ve replaced them with free transparent tubes that can carry you at high speed right through the Statue of Liberty’s hand. TTS is a cooler acronym than MTA anyways.

Everything from The Wizard

Okay, this one’s kinda cheating, but that’s just because it’s too hard to pick. The Wizard was a little-known show that ran for just one season in the 1980s, when TV was crazy. It’s basically what MacGyver would be if Richard Dean Anderson was a midget. From his robot dog Aegis to his floating bed, having this guy’s life would be amazing.

Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that usually writes about small business, but occasionally enjoys writing about fashion and entertainment.


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